Joy Source resort at Crystal Earth Eco-village community is now open for guests to visit for lunch or stay in our lovely comfortable cabins. To book a stay and for queries, send us a message, call or email us.

Welcome to Joy Source Resort at Crystal Earth eco village, overlooking the ancient sacred village of Pharping and the Himalayan snow mountain range in the east. Experience breathtaking views and friendly atmosphere in an authentic rural village community.

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Joy source is well known for its wholesome organic meals produced and collected from our neighboring villages. Our guests love the traditional Nepali meals as well as our unique superfood collection, all served with passion for nutrition.


At Joy source resort, our accommodation offers you comfortable stay amongst nature. The uniquely designed cabins are made to suit your comfort needs with perfect vistas from the terrace.


Located in Pharping (30kms from Kathmandu), one can see and experience nearly 30 Tibetan monasteries and ancient Goddess temples in the valley. The surrounding forest-hills offer short hikes and breathtaking views of the Himalayan snow mountain and top of the Mt.Everest on clear weather.

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